Our New Mile High Hours Denominations

Mile High Hours Denominations Front

They are here, fresh off the press, colorful, positive, full of good energy, and ready to be spent. The Mile High Hours denominations are structured the same as Mountain Hours, so the values are the same and thus interchangeable with the Hours in other communities.

1/10 Hr = $1
1/2 Hr = $5
1 Hr = $10
2 Hrs = $20

There’s nothing more local than local money.

During the Great Depression there were thousands of local, organic currency systems created because the national money was in short supply. That has occurred again today as there are record foreclosures, and bankruptcies in the US, and internationally. While Wall St may be getting bailed out, Main St. is struggling with a shortage of currency. If currency does not flow, then the local economy is sluggish, and stops.

What are the benefits of the “organic” Hour money?

1. Main St. needs more money. Many people don’t have enough to pay their bills.

2. Hour money listens as it is issued by the people for their benefit.

3. Hour money stays in our community and does not take wealth away from us.

4. Hour money is debt and interest free, so it is sustainable and not subject to compounding debt which causes scarcity, foreclosure, and bankruptcy.

5. Hour money fails at the multi-national Big Box stores by design. By using our money we practice stewardship of our community, our independence, and our neighbors. Colorado is one of the most beautiful places on the planet with unique history, character, and charm. Hour money is a staunch line of defense to keep it that way.

These are the backs.

Mile High Hours Denominations Back

How can businesses get involved?

When you agree to accept Hour Currency in your business, we issue you 20 Hours ($200) every 3 months that you can immediately start spending into the community. The amount to be issued occasionally changes to balance with the amount of currency in circulation with relation to the goods and services offered. Typically, 5 Hours are issued for local businesses which agree to accept Hours in return. Each local independent business that signs up will get 20 Hours for each 3 months that they remain a member. The more local businesses that except Hours, the more valuable the money becomes. Additionally, currency must flow. The more places it flows the stronger our economic circuit becomes.

Other ways to acquire Hours:

Ask for Hours as change when shopping at stores that accept them
Exchange your federal dollars for Hours from an trader who has an excess supply
Accept them in payment for your labor or goods.
Ask your employer to consider accepting Hours by agreeing to accept Hours as a percentage of your regular pay.

If you are a business owner and want to sign up to accept the Hour Currency please contact us through info@milehighhours.com.

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